The world is changing fast. Every day, we hear about advances in science and technology, startup businesses challenging older incumbents, and the difficulties faced by many of our existing institutions.

Seemingly, these changes present challenges for individuals and groups trying to succeed.

But there are also massive opportunities for improvement in the world, from how we live as individuals, to how we operate as teams and businesses, all the way up to how we organize ourselves socio-politically.

Even with the challenges, there are opportunities everywhere. We just need to see them.

This is why data visualization is so important. Visualization helps you see opportunities. It’s like an aid to our natural capabilities of vision. By learning data visualization techniques, you can see patterns in the world that are invisible to almost everyone else.

If you apply the right tools to the right data, you gain insight about world that would otherwise remain completely hidden. And just as important, you can use many of the same techniques to communicate and share those insights with others.

What could you do if you saw the world more clearly?

What opportunities are you missing?