How to Make a Python Perceptron from Scratch

An image that shows a Perceptron, and code to initialize a Python Perceptron.

The Perceptron stands as one of the most basic building blocks for creating neural networks, including more advanced structures like deep networks and their variants. Originally developed in the late 1950s, Perceptrons were designed to mimic the function of biological neurons. I recently wrote a blog post explaining some of the history of Perceptrons as … Read more

The 3 Data Visualization Packages You Need for Machine Learning

Obviously, AI taken off in the last year in ways that were hard for most people to predict. AI went from being a somewhat niche technical subject that nerdy guys talked about on college campuses, to being so popular that Boomer parents and grandparents are saying that “AI will change everything.” And although I think … Read more

Why AI Coding Systems Will Cause an Explosion of Data

An image of an explosion of digital data.

For years, people have been talking about the era of “big data.” The data deluge. As early as 2010, The Economist wrote about how “quantity of information in the world is soaring.” Now 13 years later, businesses have still struggled to keep up with the volume of data. This has been great for the data … Read more