7 Secrets To Help You Master Python Data Science

If you’ve been reading the Sharp Sight blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of elite performers: Navy SEALs, elite athletes, grandmaster chess players, etcetera. I like to research how elite performers operate, because I want to find what makes them special. The techniques. The training methods. The mindsets. In particular, … Read more

The Best Python Package for Data Visualization

An image of a laptop, playing a video that explains how to create a scatterplot in Seaborn

Data visualization is extremely important in data science. Although you often hear about the importance of data manipulation (i.e., “80% of data science is data manipulation”), data visualization is just as important. I explained why in a recent blog post about why you need to master data visualization. That blog post has a detailed explanation … Read more

The hard way is the best way

Here at Sharp Sight, we teach data science. And in particular, we show people how to master data science extremely fast. Exceptional results, as fast as possible. Our training methodology borrows heavily from elite performers and “ultra learners,” wherever we can find them. But our promise of “exceptional results, as fast as possible” sometimes confuses … Read more