7 Secrets To Help You Master Python Data Science

If you’ve been reading the Sharp Sight blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of elite performers: Navy SEALs, elite athletes, grandmaster chess players, etcetera. I like to research how elite performers operate, because I want to find what makes them special. The techniques. The training methods. The mindsets. In particular, … Read more

Data Project: Get and Analyze ‘Quality of Life’ Data for World Cities

An image of Lisbon, Portugal with the heading "Data Project: Finding Great Cities"

I have a confession. I’m an American, and I was raised an American. But, I’ve been semi-nomadic for almost 10 years. A “digital nomad.” That is, I’ve lived in many countries around the world since about 2014 (although, I also lived a substantial amount of time in Austin, Texas during the last 10 years). I’m … Read more

Why AI Coding Systems Will Cause an Explosion of Data

An image of an explosion of digital data.

For years, people have been talking about the era of “big data.” The data deluge. As early as 2010, The Economist wrote about how “quantity of information in the world is soaring.” Now 13 years later, businesses have still struggled to keep up with the volume of data. This has been great for the data … Read more

Why Python is the Best Data Science Language (in 2023)

An image suggesting that Python is the best data science language.

The first question that aspiring data scientists ask me is “what is the best data science language … which should I learn.” And almost always, this is framed as a decision between R and Python. If you’re wondering which language you should learn first … And especially if you’re interested in artificial intelligence. Then keep … Read more