How to create a crime heatmap in R

As you’re learning data science, you ultimately need to learn several different toolkits. You need to learn the tools of data visualization. You need to learn the tools of data manipulation. You also need a variety of other tools for specialized tasks, like geospatial visualization, machine learning, and others. Here at Sharp Sight, we have … Read more

How to make a density plot in R

A "polished" r density plot made with ggplot2, without a title or axis titles.

For many data scientists and data analytics professionals, as much as 80% of their work is data wrangling and exploratory data analysis. Of course, everyone wants to focus on machine learning and advanced techniques, but the reality is that a lot of the work of many data scientists is a little more mundane. That isn’t … Read more

How much data science do you actually remember?

How many data science books have you read? 5? 10? A few dozen? How many free online courses have you taken? A few? How many blog posts have you read? (I’d be willing to bet: you’ve read dozens.) If you’re like most budding data scientists, you’ve probably consumed a lot of material. You probably even … Read more