How to Make a Seaborn Lineplot

An image that shows a simple line chart made in Python with Seaborn.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a Seaborn lineplot with the Seaborn Objects interface. So this tutorial will show you the syntax for building a lineplot with the Seaborn objects system, and it will show you step-by-step examples. If you need something specific, just click on any of the links below. Each … Read more

A Quick Introduction to the Seaborn Objects System

An image that shows the high-level syntax of the Seaborn Objects data visualization system.

Have you ever been frustrated with data visualization in Python? Matplotlib – as powerful as it is – has a very clumsy syntax. It’s hard to use. Plotly is OK, but still feels complicated for more advanced visualizations. Personally, I’ve been frustrated with the data visualization options in Python, and I’ve been waiting for a … Read more

The Best Python Package for Data Visualization

An image of a laptop, playing a video that explains how to create a scatterplot in Seaborn

Data visualization is extremely important in data science. Although you often hear about the importance of data manipulation (i.e., “80% of data science is data manipulation”), data visualization is just as important. I explained why in a recent blog post about why you need to master data visualization. That blog post has a detailed explanation … Read more

How to Make a Seaborn Histogram

An image of a Python histogram, plotting normally distributed data.

This tutorial will show you how to make a Seaborn histogram with the sns.histplot function. I’ll explain the syntax of sns.histplot but also show you clear, step by step examples of how to make different kinds of histograms with Seaborn. The tutorial is divided up into several different sections. You can click on one of … Read more

Python Data Visualization: covid-19, new cases [small multiple chart]

An image of a small multiple chart made with Seaborn.

In the last several tutorials, we’ve been analyzing and working with covid-19 data. This is the second week of April, and the covid-19 epidemic has become a worldwide crisis. In any crisis … in any environment where you need to make decisions, you need good information. Data science can help. So in this series of … Read more

Python Data Analysis: covid-19, part 4 [visual data exploration]

An image of a bar chart with the top 15 countries with the most covid-19 cases.

This tutorial is part of a series of tutorials analyzing covid-19 data. For parts 1, 2, and 3, see the following posts: Covid19 analysis, part 4: visual data exploration So far in this tutorial series, we’ve focused mostly on getting data, particularly in parts 1 and 2. Most recently, in part 3, … Read more