How to use the R case_when function

How to use case_when in R

This tutorial will show you how to use the case_when function in R to implement conditional logic like if/else and if/elif/else. It explains the syntax, and also shows clear examples in the examples section. You can click on any of the links below, and it will take you to the appropriate section in the tutorial. … Read more

A quick introduction to dplyr

An image that shows some dplyr code.

There’s sort of an open secret in the data science world: As a data professional, you’ll spend a huge amount of time doing data preparation. Cleaning, joining, reshaping, aggregating … These tasks make up a huge amount of your data work. Many data professionals say as much as 80%. You Need to Master Data Manipulation … Read more

Mapping Texas ports with R [part 1]

An image of Texas ports, mapped along the Texas coastline using R.

In the last few months since covid-19 has struck, everyone is suddenly talking about supply chains. Just a few months ago, this was sort of a “boring” topic, only discussed by import specialists and corporate operations managers. But now, here we are, wondering where our toilet paper is going to come from. I’m being a … Read more