7 Secrets To Help You Master Python Data Science

If you’ve been reading the Sharp Sight blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of elite performers: Navy SEALs, grandmaster chess players, elite athletes, etcetera. I want to understand how elite performers operate across multiple disciplines, so that I can find what makes them special. The techniques. The training methods. The … Read more

7 Tips to Help you Learn Numpy Quickly

Over and over again, I emphasize the importance of data manipulation. Data manipulation is the foundation for almost everything else in data science and machine learning. So to be a great data scientist, one of your first goals should be to master data manipulation tools. And if you’re doing data manipulation in Python, that means … Read more

How to Use the Numpy Multiply Function

An image that shows using Numpy multiply to compute the element-wise product of two Numpy arrays.

In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to use the Numpy multiply function – AKA np.multiply – to multiply matrices together. I’ll explain the syntax of np.multiply, how the function works, and how to use it. If you need something specific, you can click on any of the following links. Table of Contents: Introduction to Numpy … Read more