AI and Data Science Consulting
for 7 and 8-Figure Businesses

We use AI, machine learning, and data science to help you …

… get more customers
… increase sales
… get the insights you need to grow your business

What We Do

Data Strategy

Most companies struggle to use their data effectively, because they don’t know what to do.

We’ll work with you to understand your business goals, identify what data capabilities can help you meet those goals, and then develop a data strategy for your business to bridge the gap.

Prototyping and Staff Augmentation

Once you know what data capabilities you need, we can help you fill in any gaps in your business buy helping you build data deliverables and systems.

This includes helping you with reporting, analytics, dashboarding, building machine learning systems, and more.


Although we can directly help you build data deliverables and systems, ideally, you should try to build teams of people inside your business that can do data science work.

We can help you train your employees in all of the essentials of data science, including data wrangling, visualization, analytics, machine learning, and more.

An image of Amazon stock price, visualized as a line chart.
An image of the counties in the United States, colored according to unemployment rate.

– Sharon P. (Sharp Sight Student)

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