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Learn essential, high-value
data science skills

Data Analysis

Do you want to be a great data scientist?  Then first, you need to be a great data analyst.

We’ll give you the practical tools you need to gather data, wrangle data, analyze data, and ultimately produce the critical deliverables that companies need.

Data Visualization

Companies are desperate for data-driven insights, so to get hired you need to master data visualization.

We’ll help you build your data visualization skills from beginer to advanced, so you know how to generate the insights that company’s pay for.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are projected to add trillions of dollars to the world economy.

We’ll make machine learning easy to understand by breaking it down, explaining it step-by-step, and showing you how practice everything you learn.

An image of Amazon stock price, visualized as a line chart.
An image of the counties in the United States, colored according to unemployment rate.

Become a top performer

If you want to get a high-paying data science job, you need to master data science skills.

To do this though, you can’t just watch a few videos, read a few books, and cut-and-paste some code . . .

To master data science skills, you need to practice.

In our courses, you’ll discover a high-performance system for practicing data science code and concepts.

This system is based on the neurosciece of how humans learn, and it will help you master the material and become a top performer in record time.

“You deliver excellent information, parsed into just the right units, and provide an awesome way to practice and internalize the material.

… the course is delivering on all the promises, and it’s improving my understanding of everything.”

– Sharon P. (Sharp Sight Student)

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